Ship Life


Cruising is one of the fastest growing modes of tourism in the world, with hundreds of ships from many different worldwide countries carrying passengers to extensive exotic and fascinating destinations. With over 200 different jobs in more than 20 departments, there are many opportunities for professionals like you! There are many diverse holiday packages that cruise companies offer ranging from the destination and length of the cruise, to the types of shipboard activities and entertainment offered and the physical design and facilities of the ship itself. Cruises are even designed with various age groups in mind and cater specifically for families, mature aged groups or singles! Currently there are over 1,2 million shipboard employees worldwide. With approximately 300 ships already sailing the high seas and 60 new ships reportedly under construction over the next 2-3 years, there are many employment opportunities for people with a variety of skills and talents, and of all ages and backgrounds. Over the next 5 years, more than 50 new cruise ships will be launched , creating over 100,000 additional jobs and one of these could be yours!! Some of the newer ships that have been constructed are truly first-class floating hotels, with amazing features, activities and entertainment for guests to enjoy including shopping centres, 24 hour speciality restaurants, extensive movie theatres, tennis courts and much more.


The best job in the world Similar to every job it has its ups and downs. It is what you create of it that totals. Whatever ship you confident work on, one thing is for sure is that you will have a fantastic time and meet friends for life from all corners of the world. Your colleague staff and guests onboard will come from widespread and diverse backgrounds input their feel good touch with you within the backgrounds of the most beautiful parts of the world. What other job offers the chance to go ashore and visit world renowned beaches and resorts such as Hawaii and the Caribbean. But please do not forget that you are staff , you are Crew member working on the ship 7 days a week , this will be your main reason at all times. Please do not forget: no one will wait for you with flovers in from of the ship , mean that we are looking for the people who has personality , targets , hopes , and dreams , we need who is looking for work not for Holidays etc. we trust that you are the one we are looking for.

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